24 lb/hr, 6-hole, high-impedance fuel injector with USCAR electrical connector.
    Latest technology injector design for optimum performance.


    The long injectors are the more common length and are applicable to all non-GT500 Mustangs since multi-port injection was introduced

    Wrong electrical connector for your application? Try our M-14464-A8 Fuel Injector Adapter Kit
    Need help determining which injector you require for your application? Refer to EFI Tech Tips

About electrical connectors:

    The USCAR connector is sometimes referred to as EV6, which is a Bosch term for the generation of injector.
    Jetronic is the older style connector, sometimes referred to by the Bosch generation EV1.
    Neither EV1 or EV6 is technically correct because those generations of Bosch injectors could come with either connector. However most EV1's commonly seen use the Jetronic connector and most EV6's use the USCAR connector so it's easy to see the connection.


  • Model: M 9593 LU24A
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